Welcome to
Broadway Self Serve Auto Wash!

We offer the finest equipment and products. We have a very sophisticated mechanical system that delivers top of the line soaps and waxes to your vehicle.

Soaps at Broadway Auto Wash

We use a powerful detergent for our "pre-soak" cycle. Mixed with hot water, it is sure to break up dirt and grime.


Our facility is equipped with state of the art digital surveillance for peace of mind.

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Pre-paid car washes!
  • Reward your employees
  • Great Gift Ideas
  • Maximize your budget and minimize loose change
  • Fleet Services
  • Rates


    Car washes are only $1.25 for the first four minutes and 25 cents for every additional thirty seconds.


    Vacuums are available for 75 cents for four minutes

    State of the Art

    Soaps, broadway Auto Wash, Lorain, Ohio